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I am a freelance academic and consultant and love all things about learning.  
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About Me
I have had a love of learning all of my life.

This was not just a love of learning about 'things', but also a love of learning about 'learning'.

I am intrigued by the complexity of learning. 

Its not just about understanding cognitive processes - but it is also affected by mindset, motivation, stress, food, sleep and exercise - and lots more! 

As I have progressed through my career, I have found that others love 'learning about learning' too.

They just haven't been taught about learning before.

By teaching people how to 'learn to learn' I have been able to enable profound changes in people's lives.  The processes I have developed have helped groups, organisations, villages, and entire communities achieve extraordinary results.
What I do
When it comes to academia, I am known as a methodology specialist and I consult to universities, government & non-government organisations, project teams, and individuals about research, development & education & change processes.  Multi-stakeholder engagement & project management is also my thing. 

I also help academics get through their workload by helping with research projects and writing publications.  

In my business, I run a range of courses on all sorts of things in a range of areas.  For example, I teach all sorts of people to 'learn to learn' including:

  • High School and University Students so they can optimise their learning and get better grades
  •  Parents so they can support their teens' goals and dreams in the best way possible
  •  Tutors & Coaches so that they can get better outcomes for their students and clients
  •  Entrepreneurs so they can 'fail fast and learn faster' and implement successful incremental change
  • Change agents & Extension professionals so they can work with communities & stakeholders for sustainability
  •  4 Degrees
  •  2 Books and 6 Book Chapters
  •  40 Peer-reviewed Journal and Conference Papers
  •  8 International Projects / over 50 National Projects
  •  100s of Conference Presentations and Lectures
  •  6 International Conference Keynote Addresses
  •  17 Masters and PhD Completions
  •  15M in grants/research funding
  •  Over 50 Reviews for Journals, HRD thesis, and projects
  •  Editor for 2 International & 2 National Journals
  •  Convener / Organiser for 4 International Conferences 
  •  Rep for 2 International and 2 National Boards
  •  Cited in over 1300 Books and Journals 
After graduating from her Agriculture and Environmental Management degree in 1993, Christine spent six months in Africa and volunteered with the Kenya Wildlife Service.  It was here that she first saw the importance of learning about different perspectives and she used her knowledge about learning to help rural communities.  When she left, the staff she was working with asked her - 'Will you come back and teach us about learning?'

Christine began her career in 1996 working with farmers across the state of Qld, Australia, and across three states in India.  When she used her techniques, these farmers would say to her - 'Why didn't we learn about learning sooner?'

From 2000-2005, as an innovation and development specialist, she worked with government staff in their 30s and 40s, who, after also experiencing Christine's learning techniques, said - 'Why didn't we learn this in our degrees at Uni?'
As a Senior Lecturer from 2004-2011, Dr King helped university students understand and improve their learning.  After their grades improved across all of their courses they said - 'Why didn't we learn this stuff in high school? Life would have been so much easier!'

So - in 2014, Christine developed her 'Learn to Learn ... and get better grades' program for senior high school students and has been running it since to help students improve their grades, reduce their stress, and spend less time studying.  

In 2017, Dr King decided to take her programs and strategies online to help even more people optimise their learning. 
By the age of 30, Christine's skills in facilitating learning were recognised across the globe.
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